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Geographic Exclusions

Don't let someone else build a house just like yours!

Exclusive Rights to your House Plan for 150 miles

Every time you drive though a new development, you'll see the same house plan, reversed mirrored and duplicated in some way through out the entire development.

how would you feel if someone across the street had the exact 
same house as you?
That's why we give Geographic Exclusions with each house plan, you'll never see another house like yours in your home town.

  • With the purchase of a stock (or custom) plan, we include a geographic exclusion of your home design for a 75 mile radius.

  • This exclusion protects your home design as a limited edition, giving you exclusive building rights to your building area.

  • A builder may choose to build the plan purchased as many times as he or she chooses.

  • With the purchase of a study plan (preliminary drawings of floor plan and front elevation) we reserve a geographic exclusion of your home design for a 75 mile radius for your building area for 90 days.  

  • If you purchase the plans within this 90 day period, your payment (10% of stock plan cost) will be deducted from the final stock plan purchase..































































































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