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Building Process
How does someone who has never built a home, keep every thing smooth?

   You have your new Custom House Plans, financing arranged and permits have been issued. You have also decided on which parts of the actual building you will do yourself, and have contracts for the remainder of the project.

    Now you will need to coordinate all of the contractors and suppliers efficiently.

    Be sure you have an inspection schedule from the building and health departments. Do not proceed with the next scheduled phase until the required inspections have been completed and approved.

The Home Building Sequence

  1. Arrange for electric service to the site and a portable toilet if needed.

  2. Mark out the house foundation in preparation for excavating as well as utilities.

  3. Remove any trees, bushes or debris as necessary from the building site. Have the excavator cut down the grade if required.

  4. Verify when your excavator will complete digging the basement and arrange for the footings and foundation walls to be poured immediately after.

  5. If you are going with a septic system, install a sleeve for the sewer into the foundation wall.

  6. You can install the septic system before the foundation, do not excavate the basement until it is complete.

  7. Once the footings and foundation walls have been poured, install any steel beams required in the basement, install drain tile and apply waterproofing to the exterior of the walls.

  8. Start the water system on your lot and run all lines needed then stub them off.

  9. Allow 28 days for the concrete to cure and then backfill. If you do not want to wait for the concrete to fully cure you should install the first floor framing, including sub-floor, before backfilling to brace the walls and keep them from cracking under the pressure.

  10. Frame the floors, walls, ceilings and roof, including the 3/4" sub-flooring and the wall and roof sheathing.

  11. Install the roofing and then house wrap, followed by the soffit and fascia.

  12. At this point you can begin the rough plumbing while installing windows, exterior doors and siding and/or brick. 

  13. Build any masonry chimneys and fireplaces at the same time.

  14. Heat ducts should be installed immediately after the rough plumbing. The same contractor may also install the gutters at this point.

  15. Rough in the electric.

  16. Once the roof is on, windows in, rough plumbing done, and inspected, with sewer and water lines run into the basement you can pour the concrete basement and garage floors.

  17. Do not cover any interior walls before all rough inspections are complete.

  18. (Start Packing you're almost done.)

  19. Drywall installation, taping and sanding, and spray with primer.

  20. Install under-layment, ceramic tile and other forms of flooring.

  21. Install cabinets, trim, accessories and built in appliances.

  22. Finish plumbing, electrical, (install fixtures), and install furnace and A/C. Hook up telephone service.

  23. Rough landscaping, if not already done with backfill, culverts, sidewalks and the driveway can be completed now as most delivery trucks have come and gone.

  24. Painting, staining and final inspections.

  25. Finish landscaping (top soil, sod, seed etc.).

  26. Carpet.

  27. Clean up the mess, you're done and ready to start your new life in a brand new home built with only you in mind.



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