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Helpful HOUSE PLAN Hints


  If you’re concerned about color schemes inside and out of your new house plan, here’s a fun way to choose. Visit your home building site and collect samples of natural materials on the property such as; leaves; sticks; bark from trees; grasses; weeds; wild flowers; soil; rocks; The color combinations you find will greatly surprise and delight you. These colors change with the season, so if autumn is your favorite season, make this excursion in the fall with an array of warm colors to take the chill off. If you love the winter, cooler tones might please you. From the time you start planning, to the time you are ready to finish the interior; all of the seasons may pass, so take your pick. Your home’s color will be guaranteed to look perfectly natural with the landscape.

   As you chose these colors, think of your home as if you were actually dressing yourself. Would you wear a red slip under a peach colored dress? Would you wear brown leather shoes while carrying a black leather purse?  The point here is that your home should be color coordinated inside and out. Although you should feel free to change the colors from room to room, they should work well together and compliment each other.


  If you think your home building site is pretty level, here’s a way to make sure before going to the expense of hiring a surveyor to take shots of the grade elevation; On your next visit to the site, lay down on your stomach, chin on the ground, (you might spread a blanket first) and look out over your property; do this on each corner. The horizon line of the earth should be at eye level if the land has no slope to the grade. You should be able to see the opposite (diagonal) side of the lot.


  If you’re having to use MDF instead of wood for doors and trim in your new house plan, here’s an exciting tip; Choose a high gloss black paint and then give it an extra coat or two of high gloss; looks and feels like black enamel. The look works wells with deep or rich color on your walls and the wood grained furniture in contrast is quite complementary. If you like this idea, consider doing the same to your front door. There is nothing that sets off a house plan like a black enamel exterior door.

  When you are choosing window brands, keep in mind that advertised products typically cost more, so choose a quality brand that is offered by your builder’s supplier. Windows and exteriors doors should not be compromised in quality. Check to see if the window operates safely and simply; and is easy to clean. It should look and feel sturdy. Most windows today are double insulated, meaning two panes of glass with a small space in between. Divided lights typically cost more than plain glass.


  Watch your step. Try to stay out the work zones when the subcontractors are on the job. They typically don’t appreciate interruptions. They usually make their money by the job, not by the hour; they work fast and furious to complete their contract and get on to the next job, and by all means keep your children out of this work area. Designate specific areas that are off limits, and establish rules and boundaries before visiting the site. Keep a close watch for nails and staples, loose boards and unsecured openings for tubs, toilets or stairwells.

   Be aware of wet paint, or stain on walls, floors and cabinets or trim; wet grout; or tile that has not set. Don’t touch it, or walk on it until you’re certain it’s dry. Touch ups are costly, and so are accidents, and if you have children, involve them in the planning; try not to exclude them from the home building process. Take the opportunity to show them the different stages of construction; a wonderful learning process, and walk them through their bedrooms periodically, so that they will start becoming attached and familiar with their new home.

   Ask your architect or home designer and your home builder questions, don’t be bashful or feel like you’ll look dumb. You need to fully understand the plans and the process so that you know what you’re paying for and you get what you want. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Speak up if you don’t like something; It’s just business, and there should be no offense taken.

Join an online home building forum; these chat rooms offer a valuable source of information for all. You can ask questions, get answers; get some good ideas and share them too.





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